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Gas Servicing

Did you know that manufacture recommend that your gas appliances or hot water unit be serviced every 2 years. Regular servicing keeps your appliance working to its maximum efficiency to save you money in running costs and also brings peace of mind that it is operating safely

Gas Servicing Prices

Unflued room heater: $132*

Flued room heater: $250*  

Storage hot water unit: $165*  

Instantaneous hot water unit: $198*  

Free standing cooker: $165*  

Gas hot plate: $132*  

Wall furnace: $198*  

* Please note prices do not include parts or labour to replace them.

Care and maintenance of gas appliances

Gas appliances, after installation, become part of the house and tend to be neglected and forgotten until something goes wrong or they cease to function as they should. Like other machines, gas appliances become inefficient, unreliable, and may even pose a safety hazard if not maintained in top condition.

Servicing gas appliances

To maintain their safe use and condition, appliances require regular servicing by trained competent servicing agents. Common problems where appliances are not regularly serviced are:

  • Burners in water heaters or space heaters can become blocked with dust or lint leading to sooting up the heat exchanger and flue passageways
  • Air filters, air ways and fans can become blocked by lint and dust, leading to overheating and burner problems
  • Safety controls can wear out and fail

Always follow the manufacturer’s service plan and note the date of service on the service sticker.

Information from WA Department of Commerce - Energy Safety


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